Swagger EP release

Posted by Lauren on Wed, Aug 12 2015 11:14:00

For the last year or so we have been locked away in the studio not only making music but learning new production skills and learning our sound. 

We have come along way since our first releases and of course our music changes with every track we make. 

We find it really hard to make the same kind of track twice so we decided not to try and make anything sound the same. 

All our tracks are different and even different genres of house. 

This EP is a great reflection of that. 

The title Track Ginger Swagger is a tecchy, bumpy, grimey track that is hard around the edges but makes you wiggle your shoulders. 


We enlisted the help of Oscar Poulsen (who we admire so much), to remix the title track and the result is a mesmerising, deep, space enchanting track that is loaded with moody atmospheric tones and a solid kick to carry the style. 


The last track Drop Zone is a mysterious mix of deep soulful house and tech house grooves. A thumping kick and baseline are at the centre of this track with a melodic mist flowing over the rest of the track. 


We are grateful for all the support everyone has show. Thank you so much! 



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