Hideout Festival

Posted by Lauren on Thu, Jul 11 2013 15:33:00

Wow Hideout! What can I say? What a holiday.

I can honestly say it was one of the best holidays I have ever been on!

Can even say it beats my Ibiza holidays hands down! That’s saying something.

From the beauty of the country, the location of the festival and all its venues, the sunrise over the mountains, the organisation of the Hideout and the crowd, it was a great experience from beginning to end.

I actually pulled out thinking it was going to be a Kent Fest of 18 year olds on their first holiday. While there was a degree of that, I was really surprised at the scope of people we came across from all over England and even Australia and all ages.

We met loads of people from Birmingham and Nottingham, we met two guys from Dublin who were cracking on harder than most at 37 & 38! And we met loads of Londoners some of who we knew and some who we made friends with and everyone was just sharing the same experience.

There was less chance for people to be judged on what they wore or how they dressed as everyone was in their swimwear! 24/7. No high heels, no worries about dressing up, just put your bikini and your converse on and you’re away.

The venues being all in one place on the beach is a really great idea. Not only are they massive in size, they are full of tiered areas that mean you can get a really good view of the DJ’s and the whole club. Bit like a massive Zoo Project for those that have been to Ibiza.

The Clubs are all outdoors, Kalypso is a big outdoor beach area, which holds all the after parties and offers a myriad of trees and beds. Noah is set out in the middle of the sea with small seating areas that hover above the water.

Papaya is a huge outdoor space with a small swimming pool and Aquarius 1 & 2 are attached and hold the bulk of the people, with a dirty pool of water that everyone was standing in….eugh, not me!

DJ Highlights include Joy Orbison. Hands down the best set of the whole trip. I’ve never heard him play before but I was in total awe. He went through so many genres but the selected elements from each track he played defined his style. Bold, bass heavy and full of drops. From old skool garage to house and dark techno he managed to put the crowd into a frenzy with any track he played. Definitely found a new fan in me there. 

Subb-An on the One records boat party alongside Adam Shelton was also a great day.

Dusky played a midnight set at Aquarius 2, a smaller venue but with great appeal. Their blend of deep tech house with a couple of their own tracks really made a great set.

I caught the Hot Creations Pool Party and watched Miguel Campbell & Lee Foss, where the crowd were brilliant. Great atmosphere. Great response to tracks they were playing too. “Reverse Skydiving” being one of them and for me the best track was an old Soulful house track “I refuse” A Somore remix. Brilliantly placed.

An amazing 4 day festival that could have easily been one day longer. The first time in a long time I was sad to get on the plane. Usually I’m so battered that I can’t wait to get home to bed.

Some lessons I learnt from my virgin Hideout experience.

  • You don’t need many clothes! Everyone is in bikinis & shorts all day. You might need a t-shirt for later when it gets a bit cooler but your soon whipping it off when the sun comes up again!

  • Don’t ever leave a party early or go home early. Shit always happens when you leave. Good shit. Like Maxxi Soundsystem apparently being one of the best sets ever.

  • Make sure you eat at least once a day. No brainer really. I survived on crackers and nutella. 

  • For girls – bring some converse or trainers, you really will need them or your feet in sandals will resemble some battered chicken fillets.

  • Buy a litre of vodka and put it into water bottles! No one checks your bags! Saying that my friend was a bit ill after that day and I had to navigate to find her from the sounds of her hurling down the phone. Luckily security had picked her up and she was safe in their car!

  • Buy a program! They might look dorky but they are so helpful when you need to know what’s going on and you have no idea where you are!

  • Buy insect repellent! The mozzie’s out there are relentless!

  • Make new friends and chat till the sun comes up. You will do that every where you go! ;0))

  • Make sure your apartment is near Zrce beach and not a 15 minute hike up a hill followed by a 30-minute bus ride away through the mountains. When your out of your nut its not appealing. Just makes you want to stay out more!

  • Be prepared to look fucked at 9 in the morning, in the sunshine. Carry some makeup! 


 Lauren x

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