2013 in review

Posted by Lauren on Tue, May 27 2014 19:56:00

The Year In Review for The Habits.

We have had a cracking 2013 as up and coming producer/DJ’s.

It can become easy to be complacent about where you are in life and lose a bit of the will to go on when it just seems so hard to get your foot in the door.

But reflection is a wonderful thing. Looking back over our year month by month we have achieved and learned loads, met lots of great people, had a few fallouts, made a few holiday memories & friends, learnt a lot in the studio, learnt a lot about releasing music.

Here’s a look back at our year and all the highlights along the way!

New Years eve 2012/13 – Playing for Connected at Cable at 1am and getting absolutely hammered that I couldn’t see the pitch control or remember what tune you’ve just played. But over all a lesson learnt! Don’t get smashed before your gig!

Producing tracks for the first part of the year took all our weekends, Saturday afternoons and Sundays as well as during the week. We made loads of tracks and kept sending them out and getting knock backs. We just wanted to get stuff out there. But we learnt that music takes time. What you might think is brilliant, someone else can hear you’ve got a long way to go.

It was an honour to play the last weekend Cable was open. Nobody knew that was coming and it was a shame it shut but we were so glad we played there for the last time. We also dropped a very risky mix that we had practised and practised using an edited version of Biggy’s “Juicy” to add a different flavour to our set. Absolutely amazing vibe when we dropped it.  We learnt that you should always push boundaries even when you are shitting yourself!

In April we also sent out some tracks we had been working on to a load of labels looking for our first release. Sending links and emails for hours on end hoping that through it all someone would hear us and come forward. We had a load of rejections and a lot of feedback, but finally we had two offers on the table.  Jesus Pablo the guy behind Something Different Records, wanted to release on Different Attitudes, a sister label showcasing raw talent across the genres of house music. Here we got our first break. After a bit of re work on the track we had our first signing.  So even though you have banged on a hundred doors, make it a hundred and one because that’s the one that might open.

Continuing into May we felt buzzing knowing we had finally found ourselves an outlet for our music. Working solidly on more tracks every Saturday, every Sunday for as long as we could. Sacrificing any time we had free to pursue and work on music. There is no substitute for hard work. Even when you think you can’t make any more music suddenly you will play something that just works! Never give up.

We had some great gigs over the summer months in London. Playing at Cargo for Connected was one of them. Great sound system in the main room and we got to road test one of our tracks which sounded so bottom heavy it highlighted how much work we still had to do to get things right.  Lesson learned is that you can’t just boost everything at the bottom to make a track sound good. You lose definition and this was a great lesson learnt very early on.  Back to the mix.

One of the things we do to keep focused and on track is have a goals list. Immediate goals – things we are always working on, intermediate goals, things that we want to happen in the next two months and long term goals, things that we are striving for within that year. On our goals list in 2013 was “start looking into management options”. We knew having a manager would benefit us and also help us stay focused and put in the right direction and in front of the right people. This happened when at a gig we met up with Wez Saunders who immediately saw something in us and wanted to help us build our sound and our brand. We signed with Wez & Big Man management after a few meetings and we had achieved that goal way earlier than we set out.  Keeping goals keeps you moving.

Throughout summer we were busy enjoying Hideout Festival and other work commitments meant we didn’t spend as much time together in the studio as normal. But it also gave us an opportunity to work on some projects individually and bring them together once we finally met up. Having sent out these projects a bit hastily we were hyped when the likes of Noir & Last Night On Earth both held interest. Having seen “Noir is now following you” on our soundcloud account we were so hyped. Having someone so influential to us listen to our tracks meant the world to us. We managed to get in. However it wasn’t meant to be and the tracks were passed on but we learnt a valuable lesson from the feedback. Don’t rush a project even though you are really excited about it. Wait till you are 100% happy with it and get opinions from as many as possible before you send them out.  There will be someone listening on a much more sophisticated system than your KRK’s!

Approaching the end of the year we didn’t have a gig for New Years Eve and I saw an opportunity to play at a party being held at The Brixton Academy as a promoter we had worked with before was hosting a second room. The main room line up was for Last Night On Earth – Sasha’s label. It included Sasha as a headliner, Deetron, Ejeca, Hot Since 82, Guy Gerber, Nic Fanciulli, Laura Jones, Lee Brinx. I contacted the promoter & asked if we could get on the bill for NYE. We struck a deal and managed to get on the flyer at the last minute. That was a good lesson Be proactive with your bookings! If you don’t ask you wont get. 

Lauren x

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